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Benefits of LILARGAN argan oil

LILARGAN guarantees you a pure and optimum oil of the highest quality derived from organic farming. It keeps all of its properties thanks to its protective flask.

Through its content of Omega 3, 6 and 9 and vitamin E essential fatty acids, the miraculous LILARGAN oil and its anti-ageing properties help to fight efficiently against the effects of ageing. It nourishes and revitalises your scalp, giving it shine, strength and softness.

Berber women smear their hair and skin with this miraculous oil to protect themselves from the effects of the sun, wind and sand. They massage their children with it to give them a natural shield. Its texture is not sticky, but fluid and light. The skin absorbs it, leaving a thin film that does not stick.

Also used to nourish and strengthen soft and brittle nails, it protects them against external attacks.

(Other uses: healing effect, effective against rheumatism and joint pains).