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Our oil.

LILARGAN introduces its miraculous pure argan oil which is available in 100ml & 200ml flasks. A product of the highest quality.

LILARGAN guarantees you a pure and natural oil of the highest quality.

Through its content of Omega 3, 6 and 9 and vitamin E essential fatty acids, the miraculous LILARGAN oil and its anti-ageing properties help to fight efficiently against the effects of ageing.

It nourishes and revitalises your scalp giving it shine, strength and softness. It is also used to nourish and strengthen soft and brittle nails by protecting them against external attacks.


  • Quality comes first for us, that's why we decided to produce our own oil. Lilargan oil is obtained cold using slow rotation mechanical presses. This process makes it possible to obtain an oil of superior quality and preserve its cosmetic and nutritional properties.
  • Lilargan oil undergoes quality and purity checks before exportation and bottling.
  • The European Union's QC&I label certifies that this is first cold pressed extra virgin oil.
  • To ensure the optimum quality of our products, we have developed MADE IN FRANCE protective flasks.
  • Derived from organic farming, the miraculous Lilargan oil provides a guarantee of a pure and optimum oil of the highest quality.